Chester Higgins | Exhibitions, News and Links
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Exhibitions, News and Links


07 October 2017 – 06 May 2018

Exhibition of Tuskegee photographers, P.H. Polk and Chester Higgins 

Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond.








October 1, 2016 – October 1 2018

Sugar Hill Children Museum,






05 April 2018 — 30 March 2019

Foot Soldier: Annie Pearl Avery

Foot Soldiers: 1963 Civil Rights marchers faced water canons & dogs.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama


NYT Lens project Chester Higgins Jr

Chester Higgins Jr at NYTimes – Lens -A Dance of Rivers By CHESTER HIGGINS, JR. December 18, 2014

Chester Higgins Jr at NYTimes – Lens – Chester Higgins’s Homage to Ethiopia By FAYEMI SHAKUR May 19, 2015



Featured in  The Picture Professional:

Portfolio: Chester Higgins, Jr.